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11th Hour Racing seeks to establish a dynamic new platform for public education emphasizing the responsible use of energy and resources in the context of sailing, an exciting recreational and competitive sport. Through sponsorship of winning sailing teams and regattas, advance sailing and production practices, we improve the energy profile and performance of racing boats, and increase the personal investment of sailors in the health of our waters.Our approach builds an international network of sailors committed to the goals of the 11th Hour Racing program, sharing this framework and these practices in their local sailing communities. Coaches, industry professionals, and competitive sailors – each encourage their crew to employ effective practices: winning events while respecting and protecting the health of our waters. Our teammates carry these practices into their daily lives, in their personal sailing, and to events and regattas, reflecting the understanding that our good life on land depends on the health of our oceans.11th Hour Racing invests in solutions that improve the energy profile and performance of racing boats. Implementing and promoting the newest technologies for energy efficiency and sustainable production enhances sailing performance, while minimizing impact on the water. Mitigating energy consumption with efficiency and technology, less fuel needs to be carried: less weight = lighter = enhanced performance = winning strategy.


  • Educate and engage the sailing and racing community around global issues facing our environment, to help identify local solutions; and inspire responsible stewardship, on and off the water, to protect the waters we depend upon for our sport and recreation.
  • Sponsor winning teams and individuals who practice and promote the principles of education and advancement of innovative practices, using the newest technologies to protect our waters, while enhancing boat performance.
  • Support and promote a culture of responsible environmental practices in dynamic sailing events and regattas that represent aggregate improvement in waste management and energy use.
  • Engage in discussion with the Marine Industry, targeting universal concerns and implementing viable solutions. Recognizing our impact extends beyond the boats, and the decisions we make affect the waters, the shores and harbors, and the land beyond.

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